Counseling Can Help

When you recognize that you need help coping with experiences, thoughts and feelings, it takes courage to ask for help, but getting help can change the course of your life. Here are some indications that counseling might be beneficial.

  • When you have exhausted your support system

  • Feeling restless, irritable or depressed without knowing why

  • Struggling with thoughts or feelings about the past

  • Worrying that you might have a mental illness

  • Entertaining thoughts of suicide or self-harm

  • Confused about the direction of your life

  • Hopelessness

Effective counseling is a two way street. It takes a collaborative  effort by both the person receiving counseling and the counselor. And it takes a commitment to make  difficult changes in behavior or thinking patterns.

You will know if counseling is effective when you begin to gain insight into your thoughts and behaviors that have been stumbling blocks to your happiness. You will know that counseling is working when you develop new perspectives about past experiences.  Most importantly, counseling is working when you begin to feel empowered.