Charlayne Wall, MS, LCPC

Charlayne Wall, MS, LCPC


I have been working as a counselor for the past 10 years and have specialized in counseling individuals during the challenges of change throughout their lifetime.  I earned a Master Degree in Counseling at Northwest Nazarene University and have worked in several settings throughout my career, including mental health, crisis counseling, substance use counseling and trauma recovery.

I embarked on my private practice adventure 5 years ago so that I could dedicate my work to the area that I am most passionate about.  I find that helping people realize their potential and move towards it is incredibly rewarding.

It is my belief that people have the ability to be insightful and aware of the need for change.  Individuals who seek help for depression, anxiety and trauma should be treated respectfully, with recognition of their courage, and belief in  their inherent power to make a difference in themselves and their environment.

If you are looking for support in making changes, I invite you to contact me!